Lots for Sale

Lots for Sale

Stone Creek

Lot #AddressAcreageSq. Ft.List Price
R1292802 Plantation Rd, Urbana, IL 61802.46420211.84$107000View listing
F2082850 E. Stone Creek Blvd., Urbana, IL 61802.40917816.04$48000View listing
F1033057 Stone Creek Blvd., Urbana, IL 61802.43919122.84$79000View listing
E2301709 S Stone Creek Blvd, Urbana, IL 61802.33614636.16$32000View listing
E2052810 E Stone Creek Blvd, Urbana, IL 61802.30713372.92$32000View listing
G1482659 Muirfield Pl, Urbana, IL 61802.36715986.52$48000View listing
H2111832 S. Stone Creek Blvd., Urbana, IL 61802.29112675.96$58000View listing
H2012734 S. Stone Creek Blvd., Urbana, IL 61802.34114853.96$58000View listing
R1282806 Plantation Rd, Urbana, IL 61802.45319732.68$107000View listing
G1532639 Muirfield Pl, Urbana, IL 61802.48421083.04$79000View listing
F1542931 E. Stone Creek Blvd, Urbana, IL 61802.27912153.24$69000View listing
R1322802 Castlerock Dr., Urbana, IL 61802.37616378.56$107000View listing
G1492655 Muirfield Pl, Urbana, IL 61802.36715986.52$48000View listing
H1082502 St. Andrews Rd., Urbana, IL 61802.32414113.44$48000View listing
G1322617 Wadsworth Lane, Urbana, IL 61802.30613329.36$58000View listing
E2201702 S Bohn Circle, Urbana, IL 61802.36415855.84$32000View listing
E2482817 E Stone Creek Blvd, Urbana, IL 61802.27612022.56$58000View listing
G1602609 Muirfield Pl, Urbana, IL 61802.31313634.28$79000View listing
E2281701 S Stone Creek Blvd, Urbana, IL 61802.3615681.6$32000View listing
G1142533 S. Stone Creek Blvd, Urbana, IL 61802.29812999$58000View listing
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Lot #AddressAcreageSq. Ft.List Price
R-157Residential Lot 157 (2307 Lovie Ln.)0.231$57500View listing
R-121Residential Lot 121 (2318 Lovie Ln.)0.183$65000View listing
R-146Residential Lot 146 (2329 Lovie Ln.)0.218$57500View listing
R-116Residential Lot 116 (2304 Lovie Ln.)0.247$75000View listing
R-152Residential Lot 152 (2317 Lovie Ln.)0.214$57500View listing
R-151Residential Lot 151 (2319 Lovie Ln.)0.214$57500View listing
R-108Residential Lot 108 (3816 Champion Ave.)0.220$65000View listing
R-150Residential Lot 150 (2321 Lovie Ln.)0.215$57500View listing
R-114Residential Lot 114 (3817 Champion Ave./2301 Joshua Dr.)0.343$89000View listing
R-120Residential Lot 120 (2314 Lovie Ln.)0.189$65000View listing
R-149Residential Lot 149 (2323 Lovie Ln.)0.215$57500View listing
R-153Residential Lot 153 (2315 Lovie Ln.)0.215$57500View listing
R-105Residential Lot 105 (3810 Champion Ave.)0.220$65000View listing
R-160Residential Lot 160 (2301 Lovie Ln./3801 Champion Ave.)0.486$57500View listing
R-107Residential Lot 107 (3814 Champion Ave.)0.218$65000View listing
R-148Residential Lot 148 (2325 Lovie Ln.)0.216$57500View listing
R-112Residential Lot 112 (3904 Champion Ave.)0.253$75000View listing
R-101Residential Lot 101 (3802 Champion Ave.)0.416$89000View listing
R-113Residential Lot 113 (3901 Champion Ave./2302 Joshua Dr.)0.307$89000View listing
R-147Residential Lot 147 (2327 Lovie Ln.)0.217$57500View listing
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Where we build:

Ashland Park
Located on the northern edge of Champaign, just off Prospect Avenue and Olympian Drive, Ashland Park is a new home construction
subdivision strategically located for convenient access to shopping centers, downtown Champaign-Urbana, and the University of
Illinois! Additionally, Ashland Park has quick access to Interstates 72, 74, and 57.

Stone Creek
Stone Creek is an upscale residential development located in southeast Urbana, near the intersection of Highcross Road and Windsor
Road. It covers 500 acres and surrounds an incredible public championship 18-hole golf course. Future homebuyers can choose their
favorite lot on or off the golf course and build their home to suit their tastes.

Cobble Creek
Cobble Creek is a luxury zero-lot-line community of over 30 planned homes located off Amber Lane, west of The Highlands neighborhood of Stone Creek. The “craftsman” influence is apparent in the elevations and fine interior detailing, all in a meticulously landscaped setting. Prices range from the mid $300,000′s to upper $400,000′s.

Clearview is a mixed-use community located at the intersection of I-57 and I-74 in northwest Champaign. Clearview will emerge to
feature prominent employment, educational and residential opportunities. We invite businesses to join us amidst a harmonious
atmosphere of authentic Illinois flora and fauna.